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The Art of Investigation

Within these pages are over 500 years of imagination, skill and technique provided to educate, inform and even entertain students of investigation. Whether you are a criminal justice major, a true crime reader, or anyone involved in the investigative process, this book will serve to enlighten you on the experiences and lessons learned by some of the most seasoned professionals around.

By carefully selecting key words to define each chapter, we inform the reader of the expertise essential to mastering this art. To support our selection we provide an amazing case study and detailed instruction to help train the reader on techniques that will assist their own investigative efforts.

Containing the knowledge of 15 investigative professionals, we believe this to be the first book to provide this level of guidance, experience and wisdom to the student of investigations. Whether your work is criminal, civil, or administrative, upon completion of this book you will be markedly better prepared to begin your journey to uncover the facts.

Chelsea Binns- Bruce Sackman